One of the main things involved in being prepared for emergencies is making sure you have the right supplies on hand before an emergency strikes. When people are informed that a storm is about to hit, sometimes there is enough time to get to the store to purchase provisions. However, most of the time, that isn’t possible. They are forced to survive with whatever they have at home already. You will definitely be a lot more confident and relaxed, knowing you and your loved ones are safe, if you always have a food storage compartment prepared for these types of events.

It is difficult to store food since much of it can go bad very quickly. There are many things you cannot keep for more than a couple of months, even in cans. After that, you will have to replace those times you haven’t consumed yet. I am sure you will agree that isn’t a very good way to be prepared for an emergency. That would just waste lots of money and food. If you don’t remember to throw old items out, you could end up not having anything to eat even though you believed you were prepared for a disaster. Using freeze dried foods is the solution to this problem. They are able to provide you with everything you need to stay nourished and they last for a very long time.

If you take a quick look at the freeze-dried food from Mountain House you will that they offer many different options to choose from. For your main course, your choices are beef stew, scrambled eggs and bacon or chicken soup. To round out your meal some more, there is also freeze-dried fruit available like bananas or strawberries. The fruit is in a pouch that is very easy to open and convenient. The soup is in cans, so you will want to make sure to have a can opener on hand along with the food in your food storage area.

There are several different reasons why you will want to have a wide assortment of foods. First, it can help keep people satisfied during a very difficult situation. Maybe you are trapped inside your home due to a blizzard, and you are far away from any kind of assistance or help. That would be a very tense time for everyone in your family, including you since it will be hard to stop thinking about when you will be getting any assistance. If people are irritable and hungry, they will end up fighting which can make the situation even worse. It is important to have foods on hand for everybody so that no one has to go hungry.

Another reason why it is so important to have freeze-dried foods from Mountain House in such variety is it will help make sure your body gets all of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it needs. There is a lot of stress during an emergency situation. You need to ensure that your body stays well fed in order to perform at high levels. If will be much easier to survive if you eat everything your body needs in order to stay healthy.

Easy To Prepare Foods From Mountain House

The freeze-dried foods are very easy and quick to prepare. You just need to add hot water, and then wait for 10 minutes, and then you will have a complete meal that is ready to eat! Mountain House freeze-dried foods have a superior taste compared to many other products since we start out with frozen or fresh foods. They are then cooked and prepared before they are freeze-dried. All of the taste and flavor is retained as if they were just made totally from scratch. The freeze-dried foods from Mountain House are as close to being frozen or fresh as you can possibly get. To see the products, just click on any category.

Why is Mountain House Foods our top choice?

There is a simple answer to that very good question – Mountain House Foods makes the highest quality and best-tasting freeze-dried foods that are available anywhere! Below are a couple of important details about Mountain House foods and freeze drying. There are a number of advantages offered by freeze-dried foods that we will discuss.

A majority of people like how fresh frozen foods taste a lot better than they do to canned foods that are purchased at the store. The same thing is true when freeze-dried foods are compared with dehydrated foods. When foods are freeze-dried they retain the look, shape, texture, and taste of fresh frozen foods. The aroma, color, nutrients, vitamins, and freshness of fresh frozen foods are also locked in while at the same time providing that same shelf-stable convenience offered by dehydrated and canned foods.

Emergency Foods

There are many different forms that emergencies take, from power outages to storms. Having food on hand for an emergency helps to protect you just like having insurance on your car or home does – to be prepared for the unexpected. When you have freeze-dried foods from Mountain House as part of your food reserve, you will be ready for almost any unexpected crisis. For example, just imagine how lifesaving those foods can be if your electric power goes out for several days during a storm. If you have some Mountain House products and a candle or one-burner stove to heat up the water (or in a pinch cold water may be used), you will still be able to enjoy satisfying and hot meals in under 10 minutes. It really makes a great deal of sense to have your own private food reserve on hand. It is a good idea for both security and financial reasons. For limited short-term emergencies, you can use pouches. For emergencies affecting many people or extended emergencies, you can use cans.

25 Year Shelf-Life

Freeze-dried foods from Mountain House are packed into airtight #10 nitrogen packed pouches or can. As much as 98% of the total residual oxygen is removed. We have a unique canning process that uses both nitrogen flushing and vacuum oxygen removal. It is a slightly more expensive and time-consuming process, but it is definitely worth it. This is the same process that the U.S. military mandates, and we can for them as well. The shelf life of Mountain House Freeze-Dried Foods is up to 25 years! A protective enamel is used to coat all of our cans, on the outside and inside, and also the lid, for double protection. The contents of the can are protected until you want to open and eat them. After they have been opened, we recommend that you use the content within 1 or 2 weeks for the best taste and results. Between uses, use the resealable convenient plastic lid. Any leftover food should be treated the same way you would treat fresh food.

Taste the Difference

Freeze-dried foods from Mountain House taste superior to our competition’s products because we start with actual frozen or fresh foods, then prepare and cook them, and then freeze-dry them. All of the taste, flavor, and goodness is locked in as if you hand-made them yourself from scratch. By contrast, many other food companies don’t cook or freeze-dry their foods. Instead, they take dry components from other companies and blend them together and then package them. The foods from Mountain House taste as close to frozen, fresh, or even better, as you can possibly get. For example, backpackers consistent rate us No. 1 every year for ease of preparation and the best tasting foods.

The Freeze Drying Process

There are several advantages that freeze-drying has over other types of food preservation methods. The nutritional value and fresh flavor are retained in frozen foods, whereas canned and dehydrated foods are shelf-stable. However, high-temperature processing may degrade nutritional content, texture, and flavor. The best of those two methods are combined by freeze drying. It preserves the taste, color, and freshness of frozen food, while still providing the convenience of shelf-stable foods that dehydrated and canned foods do.

Freeze-dried foods

A critical component of emergency preparedness is storing food for emergencies. Unfortunately, it isn’t an option to store fresh food for long-term emergency situations since the food has to stay edible for several months or years in order for it to ready whenever an emergency strikes. Although dehydrated food is chosen by many people, another great option is freeze-dried food. When it is packaged properly, food is kept from spoiling for years, it reduces the weight of your food for easy storing and carrying, and it retains most of the texture and flavor of food.

The basic concept behind freeze drying is freezing the liquid and food inside and then sublimating water into a gas. That removes the yeast, mold, and bacteria that results in food spoiling, which makes the food last for about years, like the Beef Stew Pro-Pake from Mountain House, and up to 25 years like our 45 Day Food Reserve. Backpackers and campers usually prefer freeze-dried food since it is lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space while at the same time offering delicious meals and convenience.

Typically a freeze-drying machine has unfrozen food on shelves. The temperature is then lowered by the machine to freeze the food, and the water molecules are separated inside the food. Afer the food has frozen, there is a vacuum that comes on and sucks out the air from the food chamber. That lowers the pressure surrounding the food to help with the sublimation process. Then a heating unit turns on and slightly warms the shelves that the food is on. The change in temperature causes the ice to change to a different phase, and when combined with low pressure results in the water molecules turning from a solid ice state to a gas or water vapor. It leaves the food and then condenses on the shelf. This process can take up to several hours or day in order to ensure the food is dried sufficiently to prevent spoiling. If the freeze-drying process is rushed it can result in not all of the water being removed from the food. This can either shorten the shelf life of the food or degrade its quality.

A very small amount of liquid gets retained in the freeze-drying process, and that is why usually freeze-dried foods usually have shorter shelf lives compared to dehydrated food. However, the texture, taste, and flavor of freeze-dried meals are nearly indistinguished from fresh frozen foods or even fresh foods. In addition, all of the nutrients and minerals are retained in the food, so you don’t have to worry during an emergency about nutritional deficiencies.

When purchasing freeze-dried food is need to come from a trustworthy supplier, since food that is freeze-dried incorrectly or food that isn’t prepared for a long enough time may make people sick or spoil quickly. The Bounty Food Reserve from Mountain House has a 25-year shelf life and is able to feed one adult for up to six months. It is made by one of the most reputable and trustworthy names in freeze-drying and emergency food storage to provide you with safety and peace of mind whenever an emergency strikes.

Tastes fresh

Freeze-dried foods retain nearly all of their nutritional content and fresh-food taste. Freeze drying doesn’t remove the flavor, just the water.

Look fresh

The original texture and shape are maintained by freeze-dried foods, unlike dehydrated foods, which shrivel and shrink due to being subjected to high temperatures when being processed. Just add water and all of the fresh food details will return within minutes.

Less weight

Since 98% of the water is removed in freeze-dried foods, it reduces the weight of the food by around 90%

Stay fresh

You can store freeze-dried foods at room temperature, without them spoiling or deteriorating. That is due to the fact that both the freeze-drying process and packaging remove oxygen and water – which are the two main things that cause food to deteriorate.