Food Storage

Dehydrated foods have a shelf life between 10-30 years. If you haven’t started your food storage program yet, don’t stress. You will find comfort in knowing that you have the long-term food supply needed for long-term disasters, because you never know how long you’ll be in the middle of a natural disaster. Preparedness is key.

How is your food supply coming along? Thinking back to the last can of beans you bought for your food storage may seem like ages ago. Canned goods that hold water usually need to be rotated out every few months.

Survival Food

Survival foods have a long-term shelf life leaving you worry free about checking expiration dates for years to come. You have a wide selection of dehydrated foods to choose from. Dried food is very key to your food supply. Dried dairy products, flour, eggs and other dried mixes can sustain your life in any case of disaster.

Dehydrated and freeze dried foods are the main essentials to survival food. They last longer than everyday store bought foods and canned foods. Freeze dried Food is packaged in lightweight pouches or in #10 cans. When thinking about food storage remember you have a wide selection of foods to choose from. Mountain House Foods makes great storage food because of its long-lasting shelf life, gourmet taste and lightweight packaging. Not to mention the many varieties of survival food make great camping food.

With choices from our powdered drink mixes to our desserts, you will be satisfied with our survival food kits and individual cans. You’ll have a more secure food storage as you build your food supply with our high quality dried foods. You can trust our dehydrated and freeze dried foods to keep you and your family prepared long into the emergency zone.


The use of dried food has been around since ancient times. There are many methods used to dry food. One such way is to sun-dry the food. Other methods consist of wind-dry and smoking the food. This process removes all the water that would otherwise hold the chance of bacteria and mould growth resulting in spoiled foods. Luckily nowadays we don’t have to hang our food on a clothes line to have it dried by the sun in order to preserve it. There are special machines called dehydrators that do the work for us. This leaves us with one choice. What food supplies to store and eat?