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The whole point to survival food is just that - food you eat to survive. The most unfortunate thing that could happen would have to be when an emergency strikes you realize you donít have any survival food to get you through the disaster. The Food Storage Store has the survival food you need to be prepared for the unexpected emergencies of life.
Meals Ready to Eat MRE Mountain House Food Harveston Farms Food Backpackers Pantry Food

Having the right kind of survival food at the right time is very important. It all depends on what kind of emergency you are preparing for. Is it long term or a short term emergency? The following gives a basic outline on what kinds of survival foods are best for your emergency preparations.

In the case of short term emergency such as a power outage or Ö..  The MRE survival food selection is a great alternative. These are pre-cooked ready-to-eat meals that donít require any heating devices. Sure-Pak Meals (MRE) contain 900 to 1,250 calories per meal.

With all the emergencies and natural disasters that have been happening recently, itís no wonder why survival food has become a regular topic of conversation among friends and family. Remember gathering your food for survival should not be put off, just talking about it wonĎt make it magically appear in your now empty food storage room. Action must be taken to build your food storage.  Survival food storage takes time and patients to gather all the necessary products and supplies. Starting now will ensure you that no matter what and when the natural disaster strikes you will be prepared. Not only with just the essentials but with survival foods that will last long, taste great and give you the much needed energy in the time of crisis.

 So where do you start? We sell a great food storage starter supply kit that will help get your year supply of food storage started.  What are the essentials in survival food supplies? Water is very key to human survival, we sell water purification tablets that clean dirty water so you can have drinking water wherever you are. There are multiple survival food products to choose from. Before you begin your search, know exactly what you are looking for.

Emergency food isnít all fresh fruits and vegetables like we all wish we were eating in the midst of disaster. Food for emergenciesí is dehydrated /freeze dried foods made to last a number of years. That doesnít mean however that your emergency food storage canít taste good. Mountain House survival food supplies makes their survival food storage out of fresh and frozen products.. This in turn after careful preparation and packaging helps retain the ďfreshĒ taste in your emergency food supply.  Emergency food rations like MRE ready-to-eat meals are individually packaged, easy to store, and take little or no preparation. Our survival storage units can be bought in bulk up to a 1 year supply they come in #10 cans leaving emergency foods ration choices to you.  Your food for survival must be dependable as well as affordable. Thatís why at the emergency preparedness center we put our customers first. You need it, we provide your survival needs at an affordable price with long lasting results. 

Our emergency food comes in easy- to-store freeze dried pouches, #10 cans and 6 gallon buckets.   You donít  have any choice on whether the disaster is a hurricane or earthquake. You donít have a choice when your power will go out. In the case of any disaster you do however have a choice on how prepared you are and what emergency supplies and products you are prepared with. Our emergency food rations give you a choice of what you eat.  Canít decide on what emergency food to buy? We carry sampler cases to help you decide.  That way you know your choices. Try it out and see what you like.

You also get a free cookbook  with any food supply unit. "Cooking with Home Storage"  with over 550 recipes, written for those people who look at all these cans of food and say, "What do I do with all this stuff!!"

We have everything you need for your survival. From survival food to emergency solar power we know that you will find long-lasting, great tasting, healthy survival food products here at The Food Storage Store. 

There are a few basic key things that come along with survival food. One being how to store food. This is very important, making sure that your survival food is stored properly so that it can last longer and be there when an emergency calls for it. Click here to learn more about How to Store Food.